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-Sire of Valegro-

Beauty, size, super talented and a strong reputation as a breeding stallion. His report: An honest, reliable stallion, with great pleasure walking, with lots of powerful movements.

Negro is a winner of both the stallion competition in 2000 and 2001, he won the title “Young Star Stallion” (Zwolle 2001). During the 2001 World Championships in Verden Negro was the best 6-year-old KWPN.

Negro has successfully completed his small tour period. Of his four starts, he won three times. His first start in the Big Tour, he won convincingly by the score of 72.50% super debut, using his unparalleled talent for piaffe and passage showed.

Negro is high on the latest dressage index, with 150 (92%) which has satisfied the requirement for him to be awarded the KWPN’s highest honour for a stallion of “preferent”. His offspring are doing extremely well in the sport.

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